that made me lal

i really wanted to start this post with:
but i did that in the previous post. so i guess i’ll go with the theme of the rodeo starting up and say howdy!

that’s usually not how i greet people, but it’ll have to do…maybe if i added yo at the end…
howdy, yo.

oh, that is much better.

anywhoville, based on the previous post (again), i have an update about my cat in a unicorn costume request.
let’s just say, the people i work with are awesome.

check it.

oh, just wait for it...

so what did he link me to?


so awesome.

i laughed aloud. i lal’d.

side note: i’m sure you noticed my awesome grammatical skills in that request. as of late, i can’t form a sentence to save my life. all of the subject-verb agreements are always off and nothing make sense (i did that one on purpose…or did i?)

there are 2 logical explanations.

  1. it’s all indesign’s fault. it has replaced sounding like a competent person with┬ádesign knowledge.
  2. i assume everything will adjust itself accordingly based on my slight reliance on autocorrect, spellcheck, and that grammar check thing on word. apparently i need something to visually yell at me when i’ve done something wrong.

also, it would be super awesome if it had a less annoying paperclip-like character like a multicolored zebra to tell me i’m wrong. not to help me with making an address label for an envelope it thinks i’m making, but to prevent further mistakes. like, it could be all: hold-up, hold-up, hold-up, HOLD. UP. that ain’t righ grrrl.

obviously, its messages can’t be grammatically correct and it has to have a sassy attitude…otherwise it would be ineffective.

side note to the side note: if you thought of that crazy gum when i mentioned the multicolored zebra, i’m glad we’re on the same page.

do y'all remember this!?! uh...ya welcome.

so, clearly, it’s gotta be the first explanation.

other than working and classing it up every wednesday, it’s been a lot of attempts at studying for comps. i don’t know if i’ve discussed comps before, so i’ll give a brief description.
in my program you can either write a thesis (ew, no, thank you) or take comprehensive exams (comps//also, ew, no, thank you, but i really don’t want to do a research project nor write CHAPTERS in a paper. comps, you win…by default).

comps consist of 6 questions over 2 days with 3 hours each day.
first day = 1 general comm theory/research question (boooooo!), 1 general question about your primary area of study (mass comm), and 1 question about your secondary area (speech comm)
second day = 2 questions about your primary and 1 question about your secondary.

i’m super stoked.
i’ve got a case of the comps womp (like womp womp, but NOT…sorry, just thinkin about them puts me on edge).

they’re expecting each answer to be 2-3 pages long. soo that means you have to answer each question in less than an hour to ensure time for editing.

all of this is going down the first monday and tuesday AFTER SPRING BREAK.
yep, that’s right, i’m gonna be livin the high life during spring break. jealooouuus!?!
of course not.
no one is!

here’s my schedule for that 1 week:
M: comps
T: comps and concert with christy (we’re seeing fun.!)
W: work and class
R: hunger games premiere (technically it’s at midnight/friday mo’nin)
F: work

apologies to those who i’ll encounter until the end of march because i’m gonna be lookin a little cray-cray. and by a little i mean, liz lemon‘y.

expectations and hopes for that week:

it's gonna be no, it's not. please go out in public with me! PLEEEAAASE!?!

and now for a little update. a friend of mine, christine, has recently gone through some craaaazyyyyy things. in short, she had to have brain surgery. her plan was to take comps with me and a couple of other students this semester, but obviously health trumps all. but she’s on a rockin road to recovery (rockin as in good, not bad). homegirl is crazy determined.

now instead of doing comps, she wants to do a thesis. i think she made this decision a few days after brain surgery. if it were me, i KNOW the last thing i would want to worry/think about is a comps vs. thesis victor. but like i said, she’s crazy determined. she also started a blog about her story, so you should check it out right here, right here, right here!

so for now, i wish everyone a fun and safe lenten season, haha!
and remember you can eats to meats on fridays (that was intentional).

city and colour
(new fave)


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