the continuing adventures of the boomerang kids

coming to a bookshelf followed by a theater, then, perhaps a stage near you.

what exactly is a boomerang kid? just your average individual who goes away for college and returns to the nest. they just boomerang back home.

we usually hang out on tuesdays at shepherd park draught house.
it’s basically my weekend within the week because it helps me get through mondays and acts as a buffer to wednesday’s brutality of 11-12 hours on campus.

anywho, we just recently had an outing to southern star for a brewery tour.


the tour is free and is given by a brewery owner of some sort i think. our guide was named jeff and he was drinking with us, so it wasn’t super intense or anything.

let me break it down for you:
you have to buy a glass, which were like $5/$7, in order to get these little wooden tokens (featured above).
once you buy a glass, you can bring it back next time and just enjoy the goods.
genius idea.
so you buy one of their glasses, unless you already have one, and get in line to receive your first sample + 2 tokens.

the tours are every saturday, 1-3.
we saw people with dogs, kids, lots of folding chairs, and one group had a board game. super informal and family friendly.

so you should totes swing by for a swig.

purchased glass + their stout (buried hatchet). also, taken with instagram. you should follow my pics, yo -shinyquips-

tanks of beer. tour guide jeff told us that it takes a month to make a batch. and that their next seasonal was in the works in the tank on the far left.

the BKC. post-tour. mid-drunkenness. pre-brewery business plan. our plan? genevieve: social media/pr. jeff: financial backer/science person. kevin: brewer. me: packaging/advertising/marketing. it just makes sense.

here are a few fun facts i remembered…maybe you knew these, but i didn’t:

  • sunlight is bad for the beer because it “skunks” it up. unless it’s part of the brewing process (i.e. corona. because it’s in glass bottles and brewed in mexico where they would set it out in the sun after packaging. it just makes sense now).
  • roasted oats give stouts the chocolatey/rich flavor
  • one of the owners of the brewery likes deep sea fishing, so that’s why the beer is canned. cans allow for cheaper shipping, are easier to recycle, won’t break, and won’t let light in.
  • to can the beer, they place it in this crazy machine that pumps the can with carbon dioxide and allows the beer to fill up from the bottom. once it’s at the top, it’s splashed with either sterile water or carbon dioxide to create foam. the beer doesn’t touch oxygen until it’s opened.
  • beer is frowned upon in the US due to the monopolized nature of the beer industry (i’m lookin at you budweiser and miller).

aaand that’s all i’ve got.

side note: since i’m talking about the beverage variety, jeff started a blog about his upcoming i’m-moving-to-grenada-to-be-a-doctor life decision. i was really pushing for a tea/tea box reference because of this quote he read me from some travel guide.

The scent of nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon perfumes the air in sleepy Grenada.

someone tell me that does NOT sound like a tea description. i told him he could be like “you can find me between tahitian vanilla and sleepytime.”  i thought that was brilliant, he thought that was lame.


his blog name is tea themed.
so stick that in your tea bag and steep it, jeff!
you can find him at Med School in a Tea Box.

since he’s moving in august, he has a list of things to do in texas before he leaves. brewery tours are on it.
hence, our visit to conroe.

i think the plan is to do a tour every month.
saint arnold may be up next.
you should join us!

but either way it was fun. you should go and try it.

and now i leave you with a photo that truly captures the essence that is the 4 year-old t.terror. this was taken on easter.

you try babysitting this little creature. she's crazy. in my mind she's definitely yelling: IT. IS. EASTEEEERRRRRR. and no, i didn't tell her to do anything. this is all her.

happy weekend within the week!

“knock knock”
mac miller


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