university of houston – m.a. in mass communication with a secondary in speech communication.
st. edward’s university – b.a. in communication with a minor in photocommunication.


  • family & friends. the only people who you can love and hate simultaneously at any given moment.
  • christmas. traditions, movies, music, themed tv shows, themed programming, lights, decorations, time. i’ll make a christmas reference as often as i can regardless of the season. seriously.
  • making lists. almost as much as christmas. maybe even equally.
  • colors. like, a lot. especially jewel tones. and metallics. combined = yes, please.
  • music. classical, hip hop/rap, pop, rock, alternative, country, big band. basically, if it has a sweet beat, count me in.
  • humor. it’s always welcome. who doesn’t like a good laugh? i also plead guilty to sarcasm.
  • design. graphic, interior, photographic. awesome.
  • crafts. i’m always down for a holiday, party, or bored creativity inducer.
  • pop culture. social media, trivia, entertainment. got most of it on lock.
  • nail polish. because it involves colors.
  • scarves. because they’re freakin awesome, keep your neck warm, act as an accent, or all of the above.


  • rhyming. it’s all about the timing. and if it’s sing-song, then it’ll live long.
  • puns. like in apundance. but only if it’s punny.
  • unknotting knots.


  • proper writing styles. not so much a fan of the whole capitalize the first letter rule. i tend to use it only for EMPHASIS
  • being scared. movies, houses, people. halloween? i’ll dress up. that’s it.
  • cats. only because i’m allergic. but they’re cute from a distance…like on tv, online, or in a magazine?
  • theatrical uses of blades. like a blade cutting someone in a movie…or in real life.


  • onions
  • the sound of metal scratching on teeth and/or other metal. especially sharpening knives.

my name’s alyssa,
how d’you do?
you seem nice.

feel free to leave as many comments as you wish, but don’t get cray.

4 Responses to “about”
  1. also we all know that your favorite colors are black white and purple.

  2. ingrid says:

    i pretty much laughed for eons about your tweet about the cardigan.
    subscribe to my blog OR ELSE suffer the consequences.

  3. ledzupprulz says:

    Really this ‘about me’ is rhyming. like it.

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