the continuing adventures of the boomerang kids

the boomerang kids club does conroe.


lots of thinking hurts

how i liz lemon’ed, the comps womp, spring break, and shasta vi.

that made me lal

touche unicat, comps womp, liz lemon’ness, and the lovely christine.

a cat in a unicorn costume, please

austin recap. farewell, leslie.

could i write a check for that?

why writing checks is beneficial to everyone. animal themed jokes are always welcomed. the other super bowl showdown. austin, tx, i’m comin for you!

i think i’m getting designer back

the youth of today and their ailments. say no-no to the go-go. and why isn’t super bowl sunday a holiday yet?

distracting distraction things

5 things that are excellent distractions. productivity, shmoductivity.

everyone needs to just relax and take a sip of their go-go juice

high school friend’s wedding, working, and crocheting. 2012 is off to a pleasant beginning.

watch out kids, i’m a bad thrower

dear 2011, you were swell, and i hope 2012 treats us well.

wisdom woes and ho ho ho’s

slight setback in the healing process and the 2011 christmas experience.