the day i felt like a drunk frankenstein

the wisdom teeth extravaganza.


the dark circles under my eyes? that’s just old makeup…at least that’s what i’m pretending it is

blogging while sleep deprived. sounds horrible. oh, yeah, it’s the end of the semesterrrrr!

oooh, NOW it’s socially acceptable

um. it’s december first. why wouldn’t i blog?

why aren’t there more popular thanksgiving songs?

thanksgiving. all day. not errday. pretty sure if that were to happen people would die.

jinx you owe me $5,000

bad girls, drinking, stupid wisdom teeth, and marcel the shell!

it’s basically already the most wonderful time of the year

san antonio recap. wish list making. nutcracker market recap. bad girls club? yep.

party cabin 2011

viva la party cabin 2011. and the wobble.

tacos and tiaras

videos from class, tinselitis, and a bachelorette party, oh. my.

i mustache you if you like to dance

the austin send-off for 3 friends.

fall back or fall forward. either way i’m down.

5 year, fall–no hipster, and the museum of fine art success