a cat in a unicorn costume, please

austin recap. farewell, leslie.


could i write a check for that?

why writing checks is beneficial to everyone. animal themed jokes are always welcomed. the other super bowl showdown. austin, tx, i’m comin for you!

party cabin 2011

viva la party cabin 2011. and the wobble.

i mustache you if you like to dance

the austin send-off for 3 friends.

the trifecta within a trifecta

the trifecta: wedding, museum, austin.

i survived a party

amanda’s bachelorette party. i love my friends, but i hate being sick. upcoming event.

bring on the marathons, it’s summer

wedding season. graduation. fall semester already. blech.

i’m pretty much a domesticated hercules

sun, gun, fun fun fun.

spring done broke

the christmas of the springtime came and went. as well as my notion of time, memory, and money.

austin, tx, continue to let your freak flag fly

austin austin austin. sx sx sx.