the dark circles under my eyes? that’s just old makeup…at least that’s what i’m pretending it is

blogging while sleep deprived. sounds horrible. oh, yeah, it’s the end of the semesterrrrr!


oooh, NOW it’s socially acceptable

um. it’s december first. why wouldn’t i blog?

i’m like a pseudo-adult…i’m a student.

schoolings, japanese clocks, tv, fall(!), how i was almost killed.

it’s the final final countdown

it’s the fiiinal countdown. do do dee dooo, d-d-d-d-dooo…

once you go comm you’ll think it’s da bomb

end of the semester = party time. with my family. austin, i’ll see you soon.

wham bam thank you ma’am

family quotes. how to stay focused. n ‘arry pottuh.

sometimes i pretend to have rabies while brushing my teeth

facebook & semi-twitter purge. boring school work phase. review of random pop culture i know.

was a bee, was a bee, was a, was a, was a bee

family quotes. halloween discussion. reflecting on a traumatic childhood experience. ya know, the basics.

cooler than the other side of a pillow

top & bottom 5 of the past week! and i wasn’t joking when i said i like lists.

make me a sandwich…with your sandwich making skills

i had to babysit. it wasn’t horrible. the kids survived…even if it was based solely on instinct. oh, i also had my first group presentation. i survived. again, based solely on instinct.