fall back or fall forward. either way i’m down.

5 year, fall–no hipster, and the museum of fine art success


i’m like a pseudo-adult…i’m a student.

schoolings, japanese clocks, tv, fall(!), how i was almost killed.

cooler than the other side of a pillow

top & bottom 5 of the past week! and i wasn’t joking when i said i like lists.

if i collected people, my collection would be called “friends”

i ventured to austin. i dabbled in painting. and got sunburned while fishing. ya know, just an average weekend. oh and i may have jumped the gun with the whole christmas thing…

no, hank williams, jr., i’m not ready for some football. give me a sec

texans football is intense. but i get to visit austin!

make me a sandwich…with your sandwich making skills

i had to babysit. it wasn’t horrible. the kids survived…even if it was based solely on instinct. oh, i also had my first group presentation. i survived. again, based solely on instinct.

you’re like school on sunday. no class.

first home game led to lots of confusion and the reiteration of the football season.

pick up, pack up, clean up

my downward spiral towards insanity begins.