lots of thinking hurts

how i liz lemon’ed, the comps womp, spring break, and shasta vi.


watch out kids, i’m a bad thrower

dear 2011, you were swell, and i hope 2012 treats us well.

oooh, NOW it’s socially acceptable

um. it’s december first. why wouldn’t i blog?

whoa! watch out said that bird

an end to an era and an almost end to a home.

caspian, the friendly dementor, the friendliest dementor you know

i. love. harry potter!

was a bee, was a bee, was a, was a, was a bee

family quotes. halloween discussion. reflecting on a traumatic childhood experience. ya know, the basics.

hey, bruco, the giant texas italian caterpillar, i like your boots

a long short list of things i find entertaining/fascinating unrelated to christmas. no, your eyes did not deceive you, no christmas items.

cooler than the other side of a pillow

top & bottom 5 of the past week! and i wasn’t joking when i said i like lists.

if i collected people, my collection would be called “friends”

i ventured to austin. i dabbled in painting. and got sunburned while fishing. ya know, just an average weekend. oh and i may have jumped the gun with the whole christmas thing…

my family likes to make me mad. no, really. they enjoy it.

oooh the ups and downs of life. it tends to balance out. usually.