distracting distraction things

5 things that are excellent distractions. productivity, shmoductivity.


fall back or fall forward. either way i’m down.

5 year, fall–no hipster, and the museum of fine art success

i’m like a pseudo-adult…i’m a student.

schoolings, japanese clocks, tv, fall(!), how i was almost killed.

it’s the final final countdown

it’s the fiiinal countdown. do do dee dooo, d-d-d-d-dooo…

whoa! watch out said that bird

an end to an era and an almost end to a home.

shenanigang. unite!

alumni event. nightmare event. books books BOOKS.

it would be happy-dance time but school is interfering

james franco, what are you doing here? tell me what i should do with my life?

you can’t take the kid out of class but you can take the class out of the kid

classy, kids. just keep it classy.

is you for realz?

i can’t put into words how ridiculous this week has been, so i describe the events that provoked my feelings.

caspian, the friendly dementor, the friendliest dementor you know

i. love. harry potter!