that made me lal

touche unicat, comps womp, liz lemon’ness, and the lovely christine.


distracting distraction things

5 things that are excellent distractions. productivity, shmoductivity.

everyone needs to just relax and take a sip of their go-go juice

high school friend’s wedding, working, and crocheting. 2012 is off to a pleasant beginning.

what IS the capital of tomato?

spring semester, why won’t you die!?! royal wedding, you were fun.

it would be happy-dance time but school is interfering

james franco, what are you doing here? tell me what i should do with my life?

you can’t take the kid out of class but you can take the class out of the kid

classy, kids. just keep it classy.

i’m pretty much a domesticated hercules

sun, gun, fun fun fun.

austin, tx, continue to let your freak flag fly

austin austin austin. sx sx sx.

the closest i’ve gotten to having a drink was a handful of grapes

weather? superbowl? friends? heck yeah!

is you for realz?

i can’t put into words how ridiculous this week has been, so i describe the events that provoked my feelings.