i think i’m getting designer back

the youth of today and their ailments. say no-no to the go-go. and why isn’t super bowl sunday a holiday yet?


distracting distraction things

5 things that are excellent distractions. productivity, shmoductivity.

wisdom woes and ho ho ho’s

slight setback in the healing process and the 2011 christmas experience.

it’s basically already the most wonderful time of the year

san antonio recap. wish list making. nutcracker market recap. bad girls club? yep.

austin, tx, continue to let your freak flag fly

austin austin austin. sx sx sx.

by all means, don’t let me hold you back from procrastinating

the spring semester is in full gear, but i’ll still help you procrastinate.

i got a text message from santa

family quotes, neti pots, christmas, hurrcut, and a new year? ooh 2010, you were good. not awesome. but grand enough.

it’s mildly inappropriate to belt rap songs while in the car with your parents

wrapping, rapping, tamale making. sometimes i don’t understand my life either.