wisdom woes and ho ho ho’s

slight setback in the healing process and the 2011 christmas experience.


why aren’t there more popular thanksgiving songs?

thanksgiving. all day. not errday. pretty sure if that were to happen people would die.

it’s basically already the most wonderful time of the year

san antonio recap. wish list making. nutcracker market recap. bad girls club? yep.

i ripped the metaphorical band-aid off and it hurt

it’s been a little crazy in the palomo household. it can only get better, right? i like your optimism.

why is my finger sweating?

christmas is SOOO clooooose! here’s a tale of the week leading up to it. it gets intense. no joke.

it’s mildly inappropriate to belt rap songs while in the car with your parents

wrapping, rapping, tamale making. sometimes i don’t understand my life either.

what do you use to fix a jack-o-lantern?

this is a straight up halloween edition.