lots of thinking hurts

how i liz lemon’ed, the comps womp, spring break, and shasta vi.


that made me lal

touche unicat, comps womp, liz lemon’ness, and the lovely christine.

jinx you owe me $5,000

bad girls, drinking, stupid wisdom teeth, and marcel the shell!

it’s the final final countdown

it’s the fiiinal countdown. do do dee dooo, d-d-d-d-dooo…

it would be happy-dance time but school is interfering

james franco, what are you doing here? tell me what i should do with my life?

by all means, don’t let me hold you back from procrastinating

the spring semester is in full gear, but i’ll still help you procrastinate.

i ripped the metaphorical band-aid off and it hurt

it’s been a little crazy in the palomo household. it can only get better, right? i like your optimism.

make me a sandwich…with your sandwich making skills

i had to babysit. it wasn’t horrible. the kids survived…even if it was based solely on instinct. oh, i also had my first group presentation. i survived. again, based solely on instinct.

my family likes to make me mad. no, really. they enjoy it.

oooh the ups and downs of life. it tends to balance out. usually.

you’re like school on sunday. no class.

first home game led to lots of confusion and the reiteration of the football season.