everyone needs to just relax and take a sip of their go-go juice

high school friend’s wedding, working, and crocheting. 2012 is off to a pleasant beginning.


wisdom woes and ho ho ho’s

slight setback in the healing process and the 2011 christmas experience.

the dark circles under my eyes? that’s just old makeup…at least that’s what i’m pretending it is

blogging while sleep deprived. sounds horrible. oh, yeah, it’s the end of the semesterrrrr!

tacos and tiaras

videos from class, tinselitis, and a bachelorette party, oh. my.

kids are the darndest things

babysitting. it’s like being a housewife without doing chores.

this pancake looks like my dreams

san antonio, animals, sports, and kids. semi-chaotic end to the summer.

whoa! watch out said that bird

an end to an era and an almost end to a home.

i survived a party

amanda’s bachelorette party. i love my friends, but i hate being sick. upcoming event.

it would be happy-dance time but school is interfering

james franco, what are you doing here? tell me what i should do with my life?

you can’t take the kid out of class but you can take the class out of the kid

classy, kids. just keep it classy.