distracting distraction things

5 things that are excellent distractions. productivity, shmoductivity.


the day i felt like a drunk frankenstein

the wisdom teeth extravaganza.

jinx you owe me $5,000

bad girls, drinking, stupid wisdom teeth, and marcel the shell!

i’m like a pseudo-adult…i’m a student.

schoolings, japanese clocks, tv, fall(!), how i was almost killed.

whoa! watch out said that bird

an end to an era and an almost end to a home.

i’m pretty much a domesticated hercules

sun, gun, fun fun fun.

nobody likes you when you’re 23

uber quick birthday rundown, sites, and shows.

my socks look like fun…fetti.

superbowl 45 will forever be embedded in my brain.

is you for realz?

i can’t put into words how ridiculous this week has been, so i describe the events that provoked my feelings.

by all means, don’t let me hold you back from procrastinating

the spring semester is in full gear, but i’ll still help you procrastinate.