the trifecta within a trifecta

i definitely had to rid of dust and spider webs on this here blog space…oops!

have you ever had a lot of super awesome things happen and you really wanna tell someone, but when given the opportunity to spill everything all you can muster is, “i’m good!” just me? alright…

point of that weird/maybe confusing tidbit: that’s how i feel about this blog righ nah.

therefore, main points are in order. aka LISTS. i love lists. also, i’ll be including some super quick pics! some of you have seen these already…sooo…too bad…!

*the flournoy+orrell extravaganza*

amanda planned it all by herself. super proud. she seriously tackled a lot of things. she knew what she wanted and created it. it was pretty awesome. (for ejemplo:  she had mad libs on the back of her programs, which were also FANS because it was an outdoor wedding. MAD LIBS.) seriously, everything that happened whether accidental or planned left you shaking your head and mumbling “only amanda.” be-yooooo-tiful wedding.


the guestbook was a picture of a barren tree and the guests were to stamp their thumbprint on the tree and sign your name. i accidentally "leafed" my print next to a pair of grandparents. to which i replied...mah bad.

precious. the orrell's...orrells...orrells'?

some donut gang'age.

we laughed, cried, danced, sang, and cheered to the new couple.

*the health museum*

went there for the first time with caley and jeff. it was pretty interesting. i learned that if you floss at least 4 times a day, you can add at least 4 years to your life…never would have guessed.

here’s a fun story: i got lost. i was playing on some personality thing, looked up, and they were gone. i had a quick case of “ohmahgahd, where’s my mom!?!” but then i realized i was 23.

i found them scanning their fingerprints for a matching game. you scan your finger, it shows you the print, then jumbles it up with 3 other prints and you have to pick yours. i think we all correctly chose our given designs.

when you pedal, the skeleton pedals so you can see what your bones are doing. it looked like she was on a nice bike ride but then she started racing it...

this is the personality thing i was playing with when i got lost. now you see why i was fascinated by it. there are bright colorful lights. moth to the flame...moth. to. the. flame.

look, i'm 71!

jeff at 71. there's no change. not even a penny.

*austin trip for adriana’s birthday*

oh. laaawd. that was ridiculous. for starters, she insisted on doing this thing called the “Trudy’s Trifecta.” i don’t event know if it’s real or if she made it up.  there’s this restaurant in austin dubbed Trudy’s with 3 very different locations. one super north, one near UT, and one in south austin (ya know, the place i called home for 4 fan-freakin-tastic years. i digress)

i googled it just to show you the distance between each location.

few things you need to know about trudy’s that some of you may not know:

  • they serve mexican martinis
  • you get a free mexican martini on your birthday
  • they limit you to TWO martinis because of the amount of alcohol they contain
  • you not only get a classy martini glass full of the yellow-green beverage but you get the ENTIRE SHAKER, too. hence, the limitations

so what’s this “trifecta” you ask.

you go to each location, get yo free martini on then buy a second martini, and the loophole is going to the other 2 because they don’t really call each location to make sure you’ve had your quota for the day. so by the end of the day you’ve had SIX mexican martinis. SIX.

the first/1st at trudy's north star.

the first/3rd at trudy's texas star. she tweeted this gem out to the interwebs and said i approved. FALSE. i opposed the whole thing all day. i was just excited about that margarita in front of me...don't worry, michael drove us to this one...and the last one. thanks, michael!

the first/5th at trudy's south star.

but alyssa, that sounds crazy! tell me you didn’t go downtown that night for 5 dolla licka pitchas (liqour pitchers) at shakespeare’s and then traverse the street of 6th to other bars and then end at peckerheads!

oooh, but we did.

shots and drinks were aflowin. hardcore. we somehow managed to meet up with st. ed’s kids…i don’t know how it happened but it was awesome.

i would include photos here…but i only took them at the first bar we went to. i kinda slacked on my photo duties. woops. so here are 2 from that night…

bromancing and enjoying their pitchers.

photobomb. photobomb. photobomb.

special thanks to: my twin-dred spirit, kadie, for pullin out some legitimate superhero abilities, amarette for miraculously finding us. i literally have no idea how she found us. she may have happened upon us but i mean, her reaction was like more like “oh, that’s where i put you” not “OH MAH GAAAAWD, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE HERE, TOO!,” greg for handing me a beverage that apparated out of thin air (harry potter reference? check. I CAN’T WAIT TIL THE MOVIE) then continued to get his dance on regardless of whether i wanted to talk to him. haha it was pretty funny, not gonna lie, and to adriana & tlil for letting us crash at their humble abode.

UPDATE:  i just looked it up. it says if you complete it, you’re a Trudy’s Trifecta Titan, here’s the link. (i don’t know how i feel about the respect thing…)

there were also some spectacular gory bathroom pyrotechnics by some lucky friends but i’ll leave out the physics lesson on projectile motion.

i’d say those were the main 3 events since the last post.

who knows what’s coming up this month. only time will tell.

“the show goes on”
lupe fiasco

3 Responses to “the trifecta within a trifecta”
  1. yesssssssssssssssssssss!!!

    respect me!

  2. Michael Adame says:

    You are so welcome!!!

    Nice Harry Potter reference.

    6th was awesome, I think we should do it again soon! Haha

  3. Michael Adame says:

    Also, it says you have to do it in one evening…not the course of one day. So you are maybe just a Trudy’s trifecta giant….not a titan.

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