the continuing adventures of the boomerang kids

the boomerang kids club does conroe.


a cat in a unicorn costume, please

austin recap. farewell, leslie.

the day i felt like a drunk frankenstein

the wisdom teeth extravaganza.

why aren’t there more popular thanksgiving songs?

thanksgiving. all day. not errday. pretty sure if that were to happen people would die.

party cabin 2011

viva la party cabin 2011. and the wobble.

i mustache you if you like to dance

the austin send-off for 3 friends.

it’s the final final countdown

it’s the fiiinal countdown. do do dee dooo, d-d-d-d-dooo…

kids are the darndest things

babysitting. it’s like being a housewife without doing chores.

spring done broke

the christmas of the springtime came and went. as well as my notion of time, memory, and money.

caspian, the friendly dementor, the friendliest dementor you know

i. love. harry potter!