shenanigang. unite!

alumni event. nightmare event. books books BOOKS.


bring on the marathons, it’s summer

wedding season. graduation. fall semester already. blech.

nobody likes you when you’re 23

uber quick birthday rundown, sites, and shows.

austin, tx, continue to let your freak flag fly

austin austin austin. sx sx sx.

if i collected people, my collection would be called “friends”

i ventured to austin. i dabbled in painting. and got sunburned while fishing. ya know, just an average weekend. oh and i may have jumped the gun with the whole christmas thing…

my family likes to make me mad. no, really. they enjoy it.

oooh the ups and downs of life. it tends to balance out. usually.

you’re like school on sunday. no class.

first home game led to lots of confusion and the reiteration of the football season.

wth, idk apa.

top 10 thoughts i’ve had since the last time you read this. woo!

shasta, if you’re nasty…it’s a janet jackson reference coupled with UH…?

my first day as a coog…cougar? as well as the inner houstonian replacing the remaining austinite.

ya know what back to school means? all-nighters, coffee, and delirium!

the fall semester has graced some of us once again. but it’s ok, because it means we’re THAT much closer to christmaaas!